We always thought that olfaction is the most romantic one among our senses so why not create something to make our lives more colorful.

OLFADECO is a creation of two great concepts Olfaction and Decoration. Our aim is to create the best of the best olfactory experiences for people and brands. We don’t like to limit ourselves just as scent marketing experts, we are a lot more than that. We see scent marketing as a super effective tool to create  a connection between emotions and brands. Studies show that olfactory senses are the strongest among other senses which are connected to our memories.


Offering an olfactory experience to your clients, guests or just to yourself  is a must for the 21st century. Among our exotic scents you can choose the one that fits best for your store,business and your home and create the best possible experience. The affects of a scent can  never be erased from memory so get in touch with us and start your experience today.